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Mycel Dashboard

From the Mycel dashboard, you have access to

  • Register Domains: Secure your unique digital identity by registering Mycel domains directly from the dashboard.
  • Update Records: Keep your domain records up to date with ease, ensuring accurate representation of your digital presence.
  • Resolve Domains: Quickly resolve Mycel domains to view associated records or verify ownership.
  • Send Tokens with Mycel Domain Name: Simplify transactions by sending tokens to memorable Mycel domain names instead of complex wallet addresses.


Register domain

Connect Your Wallet:

Start by logging into Mycel. Click on "Login to Mycel" and connect your wallet. 2

Generate Mycel Account (EVM wallet only).

You need to switch network to Ethereum Mainnet before you signing. 3

Claim Faucet

Claim faucet from "Claim" 4 5

Register Domain

Go to the "Register Domain" tab and enter the domain name you wish to register. 6

Edit Wallet Record

After registration, you can edit your wallet record by visiting the "Edit Record" page. 7 8

Send Token

Go to "Send" Tab, you can send token via domain name. 9